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Hair Loss Due To Dht And Their Remedies

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Two common things that occurs in the life of most males. One is the frequent masturbation and the other is the premature hair loss. The question arises that are the two factors are related to each other. If a person will think immensely about the masturbation and sex, he will not get a huge difference. Because the result of the both are same. Ejaculation occurs after climax in both things. Recently a study says that a relative product of male sex hormone called testosterone is DHT. The full form of DHT is dihydrotestosterone. This byproduct increases the loss of hair and cause baldness. The testosterone is the cause of all sexual activities in case of males. As masturbation is also a sexual activity that is why DTH is also produced more with the more function of testosterone. More function of testosterone means more work that is sexual. Work that is more sexual means more erection, more sex urge, more masturbation and more orgasm. More orgasm means more ejaculation. That is why we may guess that the hair loss and sex activities are co related. This may be the cause of premature baldness. This is one of the important points that every male masturbators should keep in mind. DHT is not available in the body in a considerable amount. It is created at the time of ejaculation. Some testosterone is converted into DHT at the time of ejaculation. When the male masturbators masturbate and ejaculation occurs then the DHT is produced. The amount of DHT increases with the increase in number of masturbation. As masturbation increases the number of ejaculation increases and the byproduct, DHT increases. Therefore, hair loss increases. Here it is clearly visible that how masturbation effects the hair loss in earlier stage. High level of DHT has a bad effect on the prostate gland. Prostate gland increases with the increase of DHT. It is seen that most DHT is got at the hair roots. Therefore, that affects the hair growth and earlier loss of hair occurs by this relative product of testosterone.


Now the male masturbators will think that if these descriptions are correct then what is the way to reduce the production of DHT. The only way to do this is to reduce the number of ejaculation. It may be masturbation or may be natural sex. Another thing is that if you stop ejaculating after sex forcibly then it will be painful. Other habits are too easy to control. To remove DHT from hair roots one should avoid taking beef and pork. Other non-vegetarian items like fish, chicken have no effect in reducing and removing the DHT. Fruits and vegetables are good for hair roots. So always consume fruits, nuts and vegetables.


A reduced sexual activity, with consumption of vegetarian foods gives all male masturbators a chance to stay without baldness. Other effective methods are also there to be rescued from hair loss. You may use certain shampoos with some good hair treatments to remove DHT from hair roots. So controlled diet, hair treatments and reduced masturbations will give a decrease in hair loss.


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