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Why apply tanning bed lotions on your way to the tanning sal

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If you want an amazing skin tone you can either tan yourself in the
sun or use indoor tanning methods. Indoor tanning has become very
popular because most people are afraid of overexposing themselves to the

There are two forms of indoor tanning. You can apply tanning lotions or
you can go to a tanning salon. In the tanning salon you will be made to
lie on a tanning bed beneath a set of tanning lamps that’ll emit ultra
violet radiation akin to the one from the sun. There has been debate
over whether or not using tanning beds is safer than tanning under the
sun but one thing we know for sure is that going to a tanning salon
saves you a lot of time that you'd have otherwise spent lying in the
sun. However, the radiation from tanning lamps can still cause damage to
your skin, especially if you have delicate skin. This is why you need
to apply tanning bed lotions each time you visit the tanning salon.

Tanning bed lotions serve two main purposes. First of all, you need them
to protect your skin from getting damaged by the UV rays from the
tanning lamps. To this end, these lotions contain skin moisturizers to
replenish your skins moisture and minimize damage from the UV rays. You
will also find lotions with useful ingredients such as vitamin E that
nourishes your skin and helps it to rejuvenate after each session in the
tanning salon.

The second reason why you need to wear tanning bed lotions to the
tanning salon is that they hasten the tanning process. This is important
because you will spend less time on the tanning bed and thus absorb
less of the UV rays. In addition, these lotions will ensure that you end
up with an even tan on all parts of your body. Tyrosine is an amino
acid that is required for the formation of melanin. Melanin is the
substance that makes our skin darker. Tyrosine is a vital component in
tanning lotions because it helps to speed up the tanning process and
ensure that you end up with an even tan.

Tanning bed lotions are often sold in tanning salons although you are
free to buy yours via the internet or in cosmetics shops. According to
tanning experts, you should always buy new lotions that haven’t been
sitting on the shelves for too long and you should always buy lotions
that have moisturizers. You are strongly advised to apply these lotions
generously before stepping onto the tanning bed otherwise you may end up
not be too different from people who’ve tanned themselves in the sun.

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