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Enhance Your Look With Geo Contact Lenses

by NiiyaToshiyuki

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Circle lenses have become a popular way to enlarge the iris of the eyes in part because of Lady Gaga and her video Bad Romance where her eyes appear larger than normal. For those looking to enhance the size and look of their eyes, Geo circle lenses are available in a variety of colors and styles.


Each Geo circle lens has a diameter measurement attached to it. They range from 14.2 to 15 millimeters. This measurement refers to how big the circle is on the lens. The larger the number, the larger the eye will look when you wear the contacts. The smaller the number, the more natural the look will be because it’s likely to be closer to the natural size of your own iris.


Another feature of Geo contacts that will vary is the thickness of the black circle that surrounds the iris on the lens. The lenses with thicker and darker circles will create a more dramatic effect. They will create more doe-like or doll-like eyes when you wear them. Those lenses that have a more subtle circle will create a more natural and less altered effect.


The Geo circle lens comes in several different lines. Each has its own unique effect which means that you can match the look for the occasion. You might consider a more natural look for everyday wear. If you have a party or night out the more dramatic lenses may be a fun way to dress up.

The Angel line adds a small black edge to the iris without too much enlargement. It also provides a bit of color in a flower pattern but isn’t overly dramatic. The Bella is another line that provides a slight enlargement and a bit of color. For extra-large eyes, you can try the Super Nudy line that also provides a bit of glitter with the coloring. The Super Angel line of contacts will also make your eyes look extra big. It has the same pattern as the Angel but with a larger black circle around the iris.


Another nice feature of the Geo lenses is that they come in nearly any prescription. This means that if you are a wearer of corrective lenses, then you can use Geo contacts in place of you everyday contacts. However, you need not purchase circle contacts in prescription strength. If you have good eyesight, you can merely change the look of your eyes with the colored lenses.

Geo circle contacts are a fun way to add color and size to your eyes. With the variety available you can find looks for everyday wear and those for a night on the town.


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