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Pari-mutual and fixed odds bets in college football event.

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Introduction –

Football is one of the most popular sport in the world and to the betting point of view its popularity is very high and nowadays in football bets numerous exotic variations are taking place and these changes are specially in spread betting where punters can bet on bookings, shirt numbers and corner kicks etc. in prior section we are going to explain different types of bets.

Pari -mutual betting in football sports

In this type of betting bookmakers take their money off the top and remain fund will be distributed among the winners equally and the punter is competing against the other punters in this type of betting and this type of betting is also called Tote and the odds are the function of the betting volume reactions due to that book maker can play safely in Pari-mutual betting and this type of betting is very common in horse racing but in football pool also it is working.

 When matches going on every punter are needed to pick one or more choices for each match often home win is represented by one and draw is represented by X and away win at 2 and hence football pool is synonymous to 1X2-betting. Punter need to predict ten or more outcomes correctly on every coupon of 10 matches in order to receive any pay off. This is a most traditional football betting types because of this type of betting a professional punter gets very low percentage of return due to that it is not very exciting for the professional punters .some time Pari –mutual bets decide some correct score and future outright bets.

Fixed odds betting in football games

Fixed odds betting are a very popular form of football betting and it became popular rapidly because in this type of betting return percentages are very great on football pool some time it can be high as up to 95 percent in this betting bookmakers offer odds for each and every possible outcome in a match and punter will determine that which one is worth betting on for example maker will offer odds on home,

draw and away some time some bookmakers don’t except bet on one match so in this case punter need to choose two or three or more matches on one coupon because matches are independent events due to that by using this way book makers decreases the return percentages for the punters and in this betting odds published a few days before the matches and internet bookmakers can change their odds before the events take place to responding to the betting volume reactions where traditional book maker change odds late because they have to change on coupons

So it will take time instead of this internet bookmaker can do this work easily with one click on the mouse .Here we gave information about two types of betting strategies in which one is traditional and other is popular but there are some more types of betting are available about that betting we will try to give information in our prior section of the article.

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