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Give your bicycles the ‘Shimano’ advantage

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Bicycles have seen a great evolution ever since it made an appearance in the early nineteenth century. It has changed in shape, size, and mechanism.  What was earlier a purely man-propelled machine, now has some cheat codes in the form of advanced gear systems to make things really interesting for those who love to be different in the crowd.  Shimano gear system is one of the most popular gear system used in many modern bicycles today.  It allows you to control the speed better while giving you better control on those tough terrains or those sloped grounds.

Most of us had learnt biking as a kid.  We all started out with shaky hands, frequent falls, and ice-creams to soothe our bruises from those innumerable falls.  Remember those kid bicycles with the tassels on the handlebars, little baskets in front and training wheels all wrapped up in vibrant colours.  Even though the men of today would vehemently deny it, they too rode these cuties back when they were little boys.

As a matter of fact, adult bicycles differ from the kids version in size, strength and variety.  Kids’ bicycles progress is limited to the BMX version while the adults have a lot more to choose from like city bikes, mountain bikes and hybrids which gives you the best of both worlds.

Those who are planning to buy adult bicycles or already own them and are looking for an upgrade. If it is then you could think of getting your bikes fitted with Shimano gear systems to rediscover quality performance and style as well.  Shimano gear systems are divided into three major categories to take a look- Road gears, mountain gears and touring gears.  All three types of biking have very different kinds of demands. Thus, they need to be fitted with different kinds of systems.

Among road gears, Shimano offers options like the entry level 2200, Sora, Tiagra, for the beginners, Ultegra and veteran 105 for amateur racers and professional lightweight gear systems like the Dura-Ace.  Gear systems are available in the mechanical as well as the electrical variety.  The latter is of course a newer innovation, which allows you to change gears at high speeds to ensure a smooth transition and minimum window of errors. There are even gear combinations available these days that allow up to 30 gear systems in a single bicycle! 

When you look at the mountain gear series out in the market, there is the Alivio and Deore for the everyday casual bikers, the SLX and Deore XT for the amateur racers and the XTR for the professional level racers.  The company has now come up with a sleeker version of the XTR called a Yumeya kit, which is supposed to cut down the wait substantially.  Similarly, the Nexus and Alfine are the gear systems for the touring range offering a range of three to eight speeds. Isn’t that interesting?? If you are really considering getting a bike for yourself or for a loved one, you must have proper idea about the current deals.

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