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Getting your logo design in cheap price!

by gramsmith

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Logo designs normally cost between 100$ to 50$. However, many companies insist newly skilled designers to make their logo design in fewer prices.

Actually, the price of logo design varies from country to country. For example, those companies that use elance and freelance services for their designs are usually from Europe or America. And on the other side, most of the bidders are from the developing countries.

This ratio of equilibrium between people of different nationalities does not end in loss for any country but both the nations take advantage of this method. And I will be telling here, how they take advantage of all these methods.

  1. 1.       Low income, earnings in dollar:

Developed countries earn a lot… but they also spend a lot. On the other hand, developing companies do not earn a lot and they cope the scarcities up with scarcities.

A little elaboration goes here like, the developed nations use dollars for exchange. While in developing countries, they have their own currencies. However, they get dollars for completing jobs on elance and freelancing sites.

That currency they can redeem in to their own currency and thus they get more money in their own currency and earn more than an average person who earns in the locality.

Other positive points:

Their money counts in GNP:

They currency they get is in dollar, and dollars pass through foreign exchange before they are redeemed by the public. The interest on foreign rate goes to foreign reserve, and the transaction tax goes to government treasury and the foreign exchange goes to the person himself.

On the other hand, those people who live in Europe and American get benefitted in the following way:

Low cost:

The price they agree upon is the least demanded in their own country. On the other hand, labor in developing countries is cheap and harder working. Therefore, to keep things easier for you to understand, these freelancing sites are benefiting both the clients and the bidders in a very helping way.

I started the topic with the logo design, but it should be noted that currently hourly wage in America, itself is nine$ and the wage they offer to employ developing country labors is two$ to five$, that is 50% lesser than the normal wage rate.

So, what do you think who is at ease here? I myself think both are at ease. Still it is not legal and ethical as the wage is still very low in comparison.

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