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The 10 Facts of Facelift Surgery

by anonymous

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There is no magic that can stop you from aging, but modern medicine does allow you to have the liberty of looking and feeling younger. Certain surgical and non – surgical forms of cosmetic medicine allow you to shed years off your face with short simple surgical procedures; or even magically in a matter of hours. This is a gift of cosmetic medicine known as a facelift. India may have been quite unaware of the magic of such surgeries a few years ago, but since the last decade, information and economic empowerment have granted people such simple luxuries that have a great psychological payback. A facelift cost in Mumbai may be a bit more than a few thousand rupees, but the benefits of such medical procedures are much more gratifying than to consider the expense – in short, worth the cost.

Here are some simple, yet essentially guiding facts about facelift surgery that people may not know –

  • You can have either a permanent or a temporary facelift; Indian clients preferring both kinds with equal acceptance according to individual choices.
  • Botox is actually temporary facelift surgery, and is considered for mild patients.
  • If you’re thinking of a facelift cost in Mumbai, remember to judge the one time investment of a surgical procedure over the regular visits to the clinic for Botox.
  • Surgical facelift procedures are almost painless, with very little post surgical recovery necessary.
  • The key idea of this kind of surgery is to pull back and stretch the skin out to tone the creases of age, hence known a facelift. India’s subtropical climate often causes severe sagging even before age due to high humidity and atmospheric pollutants.
  • The usual age of patients heading for facelift surgery is over 40, and the demand is not gender specific – both men and women seek such cosmetic beautification.
  • Perhaps the greatest benefit of shelling out a facelift cost in Mumbai would be the psychological impact – feeling younger means a happier, more active life.
  • Some skin types give better results after a face rejuvenation surgery than others. Your doctor would be able to explain this better.
  • Not all cosmetic clinics specialize in facial surgeries. Like any form, of medicine, be sure to approach the right professionals.
  • When considering facelift costs in Mumbai, remember that there is not much post surgical expense other than a few creams and medications.

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