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White Homemade Chocolates Cake Recipe

by kevinalexx

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This is a very heavy, wet and delightful white homemade chocolates cake– one of my favorites and ideal for Candy Week!




For the cake:

310g simply flour

5g baking soda

2g baking powder

3g salt

170g white chocolate, chopped

120ml hot water

225g butter, softened

300g caster sugar

3 eggs

235ml buttermilk


For the icing:

200g white chocolate, chopped

20g simply flour

235ml milk

225g butter, softened

200g caster sugar

5ml vanilla flavor extract




1.            Preheat the stove to 350F/175C/Gas Indicate 4.

2.            Grease two 9inch circular dessert cans.

3.            In a dish filter together the flour, everyday, cooking powdered and the sodium.

4.            In a little pan mix together the sweet and hot the water over a low warm until the chocolate has dissolved and the combination is sleek, keep to awesome to 70 degrees.

5.            In a dish mix together the butter and glucose until mild and comfortable.

6.            Add egg one after the other defeating well.

7.            Stir in the flour combination and buttermilk alternatively.

8.            Mix in the dissolved chocolate.

9.            Put the dessert mixture into the dessert cans and prepare for Half an hour.

10.          Use a hand to see if the dessert is prepared, if it comes out fresh then it’s prepared, if it has some mixture on it, prepare it for a little a longer period.

11.          When prepared take out of the cans and awesome on a cable holder.

12.          For the frosting, in a pan, add the chocolate, flour and dairy products and liquefy over a method warm, mixing regularly, until it is heavy and frothy. Allow to awesome absolutely.

13.          In a dish mix together the butter, glucose and vanilla flavor flavor until mild and comfortable.

14.          Mix in the sweet combination and defeat until it’s heavy and frothy.

15.          Spread  between the two levels of dessert and over the top and factors of the dessert.


There you have it, your delightful, white-colored homemade chocolates dessert. Enjoy!


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