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Get a lot more for 5 Euro:

by cinquee

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Looking forward to do things with 5 euro and thinking what is special with this 5 euro?  Well then without any delay look into They provide a lot of service for this small sum 5 euro. Whatever may be your requirement you can get them started for 5 euro here. Whether you need to create a shadow image, design a whole site, programming, advertisement or anything you can get them done at low cost here. This is an innovative service for the buyers and sellers. The sellers need not be a business man, an organization and a company to sell this service.

You may have a doubt how to sell a service so now let us look forward how to sell a service with this site. Create a service for a small service you are willing to offer. Then next, share your service with the world. Once your service is ordered you will be notified and be asked to accept it. They will create your balance with cinquee amount deducted from commission amount, after the successful delivery of your work within 24 hours. Now, how to buy a service? Find a service you like here in the site and order it. Pay by pay pal amount and you can monitor your sellers work, exchange files and communicate with them.

If your satisfied you can get your work done or can give your feedback. The buyer and seller can talk directly to and find appropriate solution for it. If the solution is not reached then they can approach the site, to find solution for the consequence. Sellers of service can feature their ads to increase their sale. These ads feature for a month and help the seller to earn more than 5 euro. There are no refunds for featured ads. However, the services or deals listed by the sellers stay active until the seller decides to suspend or delete them. If project is successful both the buyer and the seller can be benefited.

This site is safe to use, so you can start with it today. This is the right place for sellers to earn 5 euro and buyers to get service at affordable price.


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