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Physical Rehabilitation Unit

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An access to the functional limitation of people resulting from illness, disabilities, and provide therapy to perform every daily task and occupation. The occupation include associated occupation with the multiple task.It also helps in the assistance in the activities of all types ranging from using a computer to caring of to the daily needs.

The career occupational therapist includes access and treat people because of the illness, injury or circumstances and ability to undertake the activities of every-days life and offer challenging, rewarding and diversified. There are many applicants for a limited number of places and the education therapy, and because this is important to find out as much possible about the profession. Contacting the occupational therapy department at the local hospital and a home care pro gramme to start a good and the necessary items provides the more information.

If one likes helping others then this profile will be the best to suit their profile. The career occupational therapist guides to help people to overcome difficulties, or the mental illness, an accident or the aging process. They work with the clients, and to help them lead and prevent disability. It needs a job for the degree. As an therapist adapt the clients with the treatment pro grammes and suits every persons needs and lifestyle.

  • Teaching an older patient recovering from a stroke and how to dress themselves.




Some patients have some conditions such as the motor neurone disease or the multiple factors that may gradually be less mobile and more disabled and working with the clients help to bring out the clients with the positive attitude which helps them to be active as long as possible.

The career occupational therapist also includes the work factor which can be around 37.5 hrs a week, Monday to Friday and part time work is often available and it can be worked with the clients at a variety of places, or the nursing rooms, and need to travel between the clients and develop the relationship and bring out the feeling of being cured and the salary ranges differ.

  • Encouraging someone suffering to take up a hobby or activity.
  • Suggesting ways to adapt an office so that employee injured in a car accident can return to work.
  • Helping clients adjust to permanent disabilities.

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