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The Pocket Pussies and the Male Masturbators

by adultmart

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The male masturbators are averagely the size of the human hands and are made for pure pleasure and should be easy to use. All one needs to start using the male masturbators is a pint of an ointment application. Apply a small quantity of the lube on the dick and the male masturbator and you are ready to start rubbing. The inner side of the pocket pussy is usually coated with ribs and ticklers which increase the pleasure. Massage the cock gently and smoothly, pump the dick continuously and at the same time pump the male masturbator. The pocket pussy gives one more pleasure even if he   only does below average job.


The male masturbators are pretty small and can therefore be travel companions. Just like the name suggest they can be carried along in a suitcase when travelling. Majority of the soldiers never leave their male masturbators when going for a deployment overseas. The male masturbator accompanied by an adult DVD can give a few minutes pleasure and can be a miracle stress reliever.


The pocket pussies are designed in varied sizes and are also made from varied materials and features. For example a pocket pussy may be made with two holes: one for virginal and the other for anal penetration. Other pocket pussies may be designed with only one hole. The pocket pussy can therefore generate a blow job like sucking sensation every time the man tries to remove the dick from the masturbator. The male masturbators are specially made from special textured materials. The materials looks and feels exactly like the human skin. The designers have done everything possible to make the pocket pussy to give the same experience just like the real thing. Some pussies are made from the un-tinted clear silicone which lets the masturbator to watch through every single thrust he makes.


The pocket pussies are the best for foreplay games. Get your partner ready by lubing up your pocket pussy first followed by the cock. Allow your sexual partner to pump and squeeze your dick using the pocket pussy until you both get warmed up!


If you are looking for more stimulation then insert a bullet vibrator in the pocket pussy. This makes you to orgasm faster and makes the experience more fun.


Our company offers a variety of pocket pussies to choose from: ranging from the basic, which are lowly priced, to highly priced pocket pussies which are modeled from the super stars.


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