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A Florence Travel Guide is Best Resource for everything

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The culture and beauty that exists in the historical city of Florence is like no other.  If you are planning a trip to the regional capital of Tuscany, you will want to know what you must see in Florence.  From glorious piazzas to Renaissance art and culture, you will never see it all, so prioritising is key.


If you’re looking to cover all cultural and architectural ground in this lovely gem of a city, then you need to do your research or consult a Florence travel guide.  There are enough churches, museums, historical buildings and monuments to spend months visiting, so you will need to choose wisely.


Regarded as the birthplace of Italian Renaissance, one of the historicalplaces you must see in Florence is of course the cathedral - the Duomo- and the city’s most iconic building.  Building for this church began in 1296 in Gothic style and completed 140 years later in 1436 when it finally received its dome.


Any Florence tour guide will tell you that walking around the city is the best way to take in the sights.  This way you can explore all the famous piazzas and famous landmarks at your own leisure, sometimes going off the beaten track to discover hidden treasures down quieter side streets.


As the most populous city in Tuscany, be prepared for crowds in Florence.  With so many tourists there as well as residents, it can be heaving with crowds and easy to get lost.  A Florence travel guide will help you navigate your way easily through the busy city, with helpful tips on where to stop.


A Florence tour guide will help you to learn about this city’s complex history and culture.   You may learn interesting information you otherwise would never have known, such as why Michelangelo created his famous David, or the stories behind the eclectic frescoed hallway ceilings.


Something to consider is that some Florence travel guides are available to download on your iPhone, iPad, or Kindle, which makes referring to it much easier than carrying a heavy guidebook around.  Some even provide GPS coordinates for all the listings to help you navigate through the narrow streets.


Whatever you decide you must see in Florence, take time to soak up the Italian atmosphere, stunning architecture, as well as taste the local foods. Getting away from the crowds and enjoying a gelato or cappuccino might just be the best cultural experience you will have on your trip.



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Travelling in the beautiful regions of Tuscany can make a wonderful holiday, but can also be challenging without the expertise of a guide.  With very few tour buses or guided trips available, one of the best ways to see Tuscany is by car.  Accompanied by a comprehensive travel ebook with GPS coordinates designed specifically for the iPad, iPad Mini, and Kindle Fire, you will not only discover all the hidden gems of the region, but you won’t get lost in the country roads.  Visit us today at to see how we can help make your Tuscan holiday a memorable and stress-free Italian adventure.


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