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Guru Rattana: Leading the Way in Kundalini Yoga

by gururattana

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Guru Rattana is one of the premier teachers of yoga in the United States. She started training with Yogi Bhajan, the acknowledged master of Kundalini Yoga, in 1977. She has since written manuals about meditation and Kundalini Yoga. Guru Rattana has a doctorate degree from the University of Geneva in Switzerland and teaches regularly in the San Diego, California area. She is also very active in online teaching, reaching out to many people online that are interested in learning the basics of Kundalini Yoga.

Guru Rattana began her study of Kundalini Yoga in 1977 under the supervision of Yogi Bhajan. She has participated in more than a hundred White Tantric meditation courses and more than a dozen Khalsa women’s training camps. She has also taught numerous courses for the women’s training camps.

Additionally, she is a very-well traveled teacher. She has been to various territories such as Russia, Sweden, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, Italy and Portugal. She co-created and serves as lead trainer of the Kriya Kundalini yoga teacher training courses.

She is a prolific writer and has authored four original highly acclaimed manuals on Kundalini yoga and meditation. These include, “Transitions to a Heart-Centered World,” “Sexuality and Spirituality,” “Relax and Renew,” and, “Introduction to Kundalini Yoga.” In addition to these, she wrote “The Destiny of Women is the Destiny of the World” and “Your Life Is in Your Chakras.” Her latest books are titled “The Inner Art of Love” and “Gift of Womanhood.” She has also written more than 200 issues of the e-zone New Millennium Being. These articles included topics, including Kundalini Yoga, but also delved into issues like astrology and spirituality.

Guru Rattana has a doctorate in Political Science from the University of Geneva, Switzerland and a master’s degree from the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. She has taught various courses at the New Hampshire College, Dartmouth College and the United States International University. In addition to these, she taught at Stanford University and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She regularly teaches in the San Diego, California area when she is not traveling.

She also teaches online through streaming videos – Guru Rattana Online. The Yoga Technology online superstore is a great site for yoga enthusiasts to visit, especially those searching for streaming videos of Guru Rattana. The website also offers Kundalini Yoga books, DVDs and CDs. Yoga Tech is the ideal website for Yoga enthusiasts. It can be accessed at

Ms. Zoeey Steele is a resident of Sedona, Arizona. She has practiced yoga for the past several years of life, which has greatly shaped her beliefs. She is a Buddhist that loves to hike and hang out with her two kittens. She is a leading resource about different types of yoga and can provide inquisitive individuals with information about Yoga Technology, which can be found at

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