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Hair Braids Houston TX Micro Braids Houston TX

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What is a Hair Braiding? When this word comes to our mind what first clicks is about the hair styles of women. There are many different patterns of Hair Braiding that are mostly used by the women’s. We know that hair makes the women look more beautiful. The cultures of this Hair Braids were started by the Africans and are being continuing the generations. We can see this type of Hair styles in Houston TX with different styles like Micro Braid, Extension, Hair Weaves etc.

To have a Hair Braid we start it by dividing all the hair into three uniform sections and then comb each section smooth. Cross the right hand section over the middle section. The original right hand section should now be in the middle section. Pull all the sections away from each other so as to tighten the hair plait. Cross the left hand section again over the middle section and tighten the hair plait, Vice versa and continue with the same process shifting right and left sections over the middle section, tightening each hair plait as you make it. Secure the end of the Braid with a Hair Band.

We have different type of Hair Braids like Heart Braid, Water fall Braid, French Braid(this is the hair style which we can see frequently), Strand Braid, snake Braid, Katniss Braid, Fish tail Braid, Dutch Braid etc.

Some hairstyles are good at this art work. The knots and plaits require knowledge and only skilled hands can make them. Among them is the Micro Braids hairstyle. Micro Braids hairstyles are popular among the African community members but now days they are also seen among all kinds of commonalities like Houston TX. It is one of the popular hair styles with high performance. We need to take while having the Braids and before or after removing the Braids.

Likely, they are different styles, patterns for the hair to look good; among them is the Hair Extension Houston TX. Hair Extension Houston TX is also known as the Artificial Hair integration referred as the hair hat. This is used by the advanced technology to change the hair radically without looking unrealistic. The techniques that are used for the Hair Extensions are Clip On, Bonding and sealing, Micro Rings, Netting, and Lace Front etc.

A Hair Weaves Houston TX, is artificial hair utilized for the combination of one's natural hair. The culture of this hair style was started in the ancient Egypt. Weaves can alter one's look for long or short periods of time by adding additional hair to one's natural hair or by covering the natural hair all together with human hairpieces. Weaving additional human pieces can enhance one's hair by giving its capacity, length and adding color without the damage of chemicals or implementing a different hair texture when compared to own.

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