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Sisel Manufacturing Plant Tour

by james002

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The Sisel lab is very high tech and this enables Sisel to produce ingredients they are very high quality which contribute to an outstanding product range. Not only do they make the products in the Sisel manufacturing plant but they also bottle the products. Absolutely no expense is spared and Sisel use the most powerful and expensive ingredients available to make up the complete Sisel product range. The ingredients in all the products are used in the most powerful concentrations so that product users get the maximum effect possible. The products contain a lot of ingredients that synergistically combine to defy all expectations of product users. That’s why product users get addicted to our products because they get awesome results.

When products are made they have to be heated and cooled then blended. This creates all types of chemical reactions to take place. Sisel make sure that that the molecule, that is the active ingredient being used in the product is viable and that it is present in the quantities to make it highly effective.

Once in the Sisel Manufacturing Plant  you can see how massive it is. It’s just huge. At the very far end you can see all the semi-trailers brining in raw ingredients, in boxes, and bottles and its stacked ready for use. All the active ingredients are quarantined until they are tested to make sure that the ingredients are what they say they are and are not contaminated with anything harmful. The bottles are filled by our machines .This happens very quickly as we need to keep up with the demand for our products so the production line has to operate quickly and effectively. All the products are caped and coded, dated and labelled and then boxed ready to be shipped out.

Sisel’s manufacturing plant also has a powder mixer and its quite extraordinary to watch in action. The plant has many different types of mixers. The Sisel Manufacturing Plant Tour  video shows the cone mixer in action. But the plant also has ribbon mixers as well. These mixers enable Sisel International to combine all the ingredients effectively without any loss of nutrients or ingredient decay.

 If you would like more information about Sisel Manufacturing Plant Tour  or Sisel Australia’s products please contact Katie on 0422538801 or email – if you would like to join online and start ordering Sisel Australia products now click here.

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