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5 Tips for Creating Unique Brand Identity

by anonymous

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Nowadays almost all people get attracted by visuals, while driving, shopping, watching TV or even surfing the internet, so the question is: is it possible for any company to create a brand identity that will be remembered even after came across it?

Creating a memorable brand identity is entirely possible with lots of research, thought, and consideration for today’s technology, that’s all what it could take, so the answer is yes it can. The next question that should pop up in our minds is, how can we create unforgettable brand identity?

Now we will have 5 following tips that could explain the answer for this question.

Create a story
 Let your brand tell a story as usually stories affects emotions which connects consumers with your brand and makes them remember it, just make sure that your brand come across with every media channel that consumer can encounter with ,online, on phones or even on posters.

Be clear with your goals

Unforgettable brand starts with a clear definition of your goals and mission as a company. A stronger vision of your company gives you a strong foundation to build your brand upon.

Don’t let simplicity stops creativity

What you need from your customer is to keep remembering your brand, so keep your brand simple as much as you can and uncomplicated and it won’t be memorable if it was like that, which also assures that your brand will be kept in minds. And keep in your mind also that the most creative brands have always been the ones the public remembers long after their initial emergence.

So you have to make some balance between being simple and creative at the same time.

Do some researches

Identifying your goals only is not enough for creating an effective brand identity, you have to get a clear picture if your target-audience as well, as it will help you to know how to customize your brand identity to be compatible with the target-audience.

Be customizable

Even consistency matters when you're trying to brand for your product/service. customers may see your logo or tagline anywhere, what really matters is that you have to keep your logo, colors, tagline the same so it's easier for your customer to recognize that this is you, no matter the logo is on a paper, T-shirt, website with big or small screen. What matters is that they should recognize it after all.

For example, A normal web design and a Responsive web design could be the most accurate example to give, the logo view may vary on a computer screen or on a cell phone one, which may cause losing of the brand which will make the customer confused and doubt that it's not you.

Finally those are the most important tips that should be taken into consideration while creating any new brand identity.

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