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Are you looking for good water leakage solutions which can be durable enough to keep your construction leakage proof, then don’t think of saving money , but getting the best quality of material to make your construction water proof. Not just the waterproofing, but these membranes and polyethylene sheets are also used for levelling the surface making it extremely perfect for doing the construction.

Here are listed some of the important types of Membranes, sheets and liners which are commonly asked  in the market. In case you are amateur in the area, this will help you to understand the best of the facts and will give you the information about the product :-


These types of membranes are usually used everywhere to seal the holes and cracks, leakages in the old and new construction of the building where the water leakages can be prominent enough to make water leakages unavoidable and intolerable.


Even this has a same use that of waterproofing membrane only the quality is different. The former one is made up organic compounds of carbon and this swelling bar is made up of rubber, hence providing almost the services and delivering the same services in almost equal prices.

LDPE Geo Membranes

These are used for different kinds of purposes. This type of membranes has varied applications like in Agriculture, Canal, Ponds, Tunnels, water roofing and Terrace Gardens, Concrete roads and Bridges, Steel Plants, Packaging and Wrapping etc. Although there are various grades available in the market for the same purpose, some of the properties are listed here for better understanding:- It has excellent Mechanical properties
Saves water seepage and maintains the quality of the water almost up to 60%
Low Moisturizing and Vapour Transmission Rate Inert to chemical reactions and agents, event unaffected of bacterial and fungal growth

Great resistance against oxidation, reduction, external agencies, Hydrocarbons and other assimilating  agencies.

So if you are looking for any such types of goods  for preventing leakages in your construction sites, then you can contact Maruti Techno rubbers private limited which is one of the best water leakage solutions providers in the country. Here are also available Water stop seal made up of Elastomeric, Copper Water stop Seal, Injection Grouting Tube, Bearing Pad, Rubber Hoses, Mats, EPDM rubber mat etc. For more information visit marutirubber. in/ now and get the best deals and offers on bulk buying.


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