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PVC Recycling in California and Nevada

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Polyvinyl Chloride, otherwise known as pvc, is the second most commonly used plastic after polyethylene.  PVC recycling is fast becoming a necessary requirement as more than 7 billion pounds of it are thrown away in the US, with less than 1 percent of it being recycled.  Where does all this waste go?


PVC is used extensively in the construction industry, for things like pipes, windows, flooring and fencing.  It can also be used in consumer products such as medical supplies, credit cards and toys.  Such a widely used product needs to havemany appropriate PVC recyclingoutlets which are easily accessible.


Recycling this material is possible in most states across America, it’s a matter of finding a company who accepts this material. For example, recycling in California has proved to be cost-efficient and effective, particularly in the commercial sectors.  It is one of the leading ‘green’ states in the country.


Recycling in Nevada is another interesting example as it is one of the fastest growing states in America.  With the birth of Las Vegas, population grew and the need to manage waste better became a necessity.  Industrial recycling became the priority with the construction of new buildings, homes and casinos.


There are now facilities that accept scrap plastic to recycle it and resell it as usable material. As most of the PVC recycling required is for larger items such as barrels and crates, it is usually companies that require this type of recycling service as opposed to homeowners with smaller amounts of plastic.


Responsible plastic recycling in Nevada is proving to be a huge benefit to the local economy.  Unwanted plastic items are turned into high grade recycled plastic resins which can then be used in different forms by manufacturers after regrinding, pulverizing, or pelletizing the recycled plastic.


The different forms that result are flakes, powder, or pellets.  Plastic in these forms make it easier for manufacturers to process into new plastic products, with less toxic waste in its recycled material.  The future of recycling in Nevada is becoming greener and cleaner with more businesses taking part.


Although every state is different, recycling in Californiahas gone one step further by introducing CalRecycle in January 2012.  This regulation makes it mandatory for businesses to use recycling facilities.  This is targeted at bigger companies with a lot of waste to help reduce the pressure on landfill sites.


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