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Crucial Things to Do Before Contacting an Edmonton Plumber

by levieslinger

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Two emergency plumbing scenarios that require Edmonton locals to contact a plumber are, clogged drains and busted pipes. The irony is that such troubles can be effortlessly avoided. In fact, consult any plumber in Edmonton and he'll explain to you that carelessness is the primary cause of these problems. If you don't deal with your plumbing, time may come when it's too late to repair the problems it did to your home.

Preventive care can go a long way. It not only lengthens the longevity of your pipes, plumbing fixtures, and drains, it also makes it possible for you to find problems quickly before they become worse. If you haven't had any preventive care done on your plumbing, there are actions you can perform to lessen damage should you run into an emergency plumbing situation.

Frozen pipes

Your main aim is to stop the pipeline from exploding. Check the main shutoff valve and shut it. Defrost the frozen pipeline by using hot water bottles from the end of the pipe nearest to the tap. If the pipes have already burst, call an Edmonton plumber to restore or replace the damaged section. As a preventive maintenance, ensure that your pipelines are well-insulated throughout the cold season.

Leaky faucets

If you come across this problem, close the shutoff valve singular to the leaking fixture; there is no need to close the main shutoff valve. Then, look at the fixture's opening for any stuck debris, soap, hair and food particles that may be blocking it. If this doesn't clear up the problem, call your emergency plumbing professional.

Clogged drains and toilets

You'll have to dislodge the blockage so the water can pass freely again. Do this by using a plumbing snake or a plunger. These tools should be able to clear or push away the clog if not as obstructive as a kid's toy.

Contacting an emergency plumber

When you call an emergency plumber, tell him your plumbing problem and request an estimate of the complete cost of repair works. However, some plumbers won't present an estimate over the phone and choose to personally examine the problem first. This works well, too, so that he can better check out the condition. Know the correct way of hiring an emergency plumber through


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