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How to Become Licensed Sydney Property Managers

by demetriaiman

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Do you like to be property managers in Sydney? It will not be easy and that's one thing for certain. For beginners, it's necessary for landlords to provide a copy of a new tenant checklist to an incoming tenant before sealing the deal.

Start with the basics: getting an agent, studying about prejudice, mounting smoke alarms, and so on. As a property manager, the responsibility of keeping your renters safe and comfortable falls in your hands despite the fact that you don't virtually manage a unit. You'll need to know the basics of property management as discussed by the NSW government. Below are the essential topics stated a while ago which you may want to read first.

Hiring an Agent

The government doesn't require property managers to find an agent to serve to keep things in order, but it will help to have one. An agent can carry out a lot of things for you like looking for probable tenants, offering legal recommendations, paying your property's charges, and so on. Without a doubt, an agent's services don't come for free; it's better than committing screw-ups in overseeing your real property.


The right to shelter has to be easy to understand; it is secured by law. Notwithstanding the person's nationality, age, social status, disability, and others, he has the right to invest in a house as long as he can purchase it according to policies. Nonetheless, the law can give you the civil liberty to deny people such as pet owners and smokers, as they're not covered by Fair Trading laws.

Smoke Alarms

Under the Building Legislation Amendment Act of 2006, buildings are required to have smoke alarms placed for fire safety. Every single unit has to come with at least a smoke alarm, so property managers deserve to put one as long as they tell the renters two days in advance. After occupancy, the occupant will be responsible for making certain the smoke alarm in his unit functions. Condition reports, which include smoke alarms setting off, are the obligation of the property manager.

Be efficient in property management in Sydney. Read more concerning being a landlord in NSW on fairtrading. nsw. gov. au. Don't let blunders in verdict bring you fines and sanctions.


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