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What Are the Healing Qualities of the Citrine Crystals?

by holabyss

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There are many spiritual feelings attached with the citrine crystalsand it is believed that it can bring financial luck for you. It is also assumed that it will generate a lively and vibrant energy that will promote a positive, credulous and convinced attitude towards life.


It will generate those things that are considered important for achieving greater success in life. It is specially recommended when you are going through a bad phase of life and need positive energy to achieve something good. This crystal will make positive changes in you therefore it is considered one of the best gifts to your loved ones especially if they are going through tough times.


Citrine crystals have a number of healing qualities. It is believed traditionally since ancient ages that citrine will make a positive impact over our mental and physical conditions and some of them are: Trauma, issues related to digestion, functioning of gall bladder, controlling diabetes, problems associated with thyroid and throats.


Natural citrine crystals or stones are very rare and difficult to find however, man-made Citrine is reasonably priced and is easily available in the market. The natural stones are rarer because the conditions required for its formation are tough. Citrine is the best crystal to achieve financial stability and good health. Its color is basically yellow or orange.


Some of the popular healing properties of citrine are that it will help in treating digestive disordersand is considered a happy stone because it can relieve you from feeling like depressed and deprived. It will change your mood and attitude towards things and make you a positive person.

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