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Red Flags When Choosing an Adoption Agency

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If you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and you are considering adoption, it can be difficult to choose which agency to work with. How do you know which adoption agency will give the best and most compassionate care? There are a multitude of agencies, and choosing the right adoption agency in Florida for you is the first step towards finding the right adoptive family for your child. There are several warning signs for which you should be on the lookout to help you to know you are making a good decision.

First, be aware that there are two types of adoption agencies. The first is a public agency, which usually works with children who are wards of the state due to abandonment, neglect, or abuse. These are often older children currently living in foster care, and many have unique emotional and physical needs. Prospective adoptive families have a major benefit of working with a public agency in that you have far less work to do in making sure that the agency is legitimate. In addition, it usually costs far less to adopt through a public agency. The other type of adoption agency in Florida is a private agency. This type of adoption agency usually works directly with birth mothers and primarily offers adoption of newborns. Most are highly skilled with strong ethical standards, but it is still good to make an informed decision to ensure the best results for your child.

One of the warning signs you should look out for is a big budget and a hard-hitting “sell” to the birth mother. A reputable adoption agency in Florida understands that this is an extremely difficult and personal decision, and they will treat you with tact, courtesy, and compassion. If you feel that you are being pressured, you should probably choose a different agency. Similarly, if the adoption agency promises you luxurious housing, you should be skeptical. Many excellent adoption agencies offer financial support and housing to expectant mothers, but over-the-top luxury indicates that the agency may be making a large profit from their services by overcharging adoptive parents. Luxurious quarters can also be another way of making birth mothers feel pressured. You should also avoid any adoption agency in Florida that paints the adoption process in a glowing light while completely ignoring the negative aspects of the process. As stated earlier, a good agency will understand the emotional toll this process can take on you, and they are also fully aware of the complex legal processes involved. You should choose an adoption agency in Florida that offers post-adoption care or can at least put you in touch with a therapist, counselor, or support group for birth mothers who have put their child up for adoption.

Having said all this, most adoption agencies are noble enterprises that truly care about the happiness and well-being of you and your child. And while they know that the process can be difficult, they also understand that this will ultimately be the best choice for you, your baby, and the adoptive parents. Through their compassionate service and post-adoption care, the right adoption agency in Florida will give you peace of mind, knowing you have made the best and most loving decision for your precious baby.

When you are searching for a reputable adoption agency in Florida, One World Adoption Services, Inc. is a non-profit, state-licensed, local agency. We are dedicated to offering you the support you need throughout the adoption process here in South Florida, and we offer a proven track record of three-plus decades of successfully matching South Florida birth mothers with loving adoptive families. We can visit with you, face-to-face, at the location most comfortable to you. To learn more about our caring, confidential, local, community-based adoption services, visit or call us at 1-954-596-2222 or toll-free 800.745.1416, 24/7.

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