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5 Things You Should Consider Before Hiring Wedding Planners

by anonymous

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If you decide to leave your wedding in the hands of a planner, you need some documentation first. Basically, you must educate yourself on the most common practices, ask about the past experiences and look after reviews or testimonials. But this is not everything. This industry is quite mysterious for those who are not part of it, mostly because they do not have the opportunity to assist or participate to weddings on a daily basis. Therefore, they may skip a series of things. With all these, finding the proper wedding planners London is not that complicated, as long as you pay attention to some small details.

First of all, make sure the prices presented in the offer include the associated taxes to the government, such as the VAT. Some agencies may promote the original prices, without these added taxes. Therefore, the costs in the long run might be a little higher than expected. Some companies make sure they add this value on their flyers or ads, but this is not a general rule. Therefore, inquire about it.

Second, you might be charged in three different ways. Sometimes, you will be asked for a particular percentage of the whole wedding cost. Most commonly, this percentage varies between 5% and 10%. Some other planners also charge per hour, while many of them give out a specific tax. When you are given a direct number, ask for a detailed list. This way, you know exactly what you spend the money on. The same rule applies during the preparations. Ask about any money you are about to spend and make sure they go in the right direction.

A lot of wedding planners London provide special packages or offers depending on the number of guests. The more guests you have, the higher the discount is. But at the same time, you will also spend more money. Most agencies include these offers on their official websites or ads. If you cannot find any, ask the respective expert if you can benefit from any reductions. Even if there are no such offers, it is definitely worth asking, especially if you expect a few hundred guests.

If the menu is among your planner's responsibilities too, ask the respective consultant to set up a menu simulation. There are a few restaurants that provide this privilege to their customers. If you have reserved the respective place for your wedding, it is definitely good to come up with a simulation for your peace of mind. Sometimes, this privilege comes for free, so do not hesitate to give it a shot.

Finally, make sure the bouquets, candles and floral arrangements are the ones you have picked. Ensure that the prices have not changed either, since floral costs vary from one season to another. Double checking everything is clearly a good idea, only to prevent the unexpected surprises.

With such ideas in mind, your collaboration with a wedding planner simply cannot fail. From that moment on, you just have to prepare for the big day and enjoy your wedding.

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