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How Come Bristol Toyota Cars Aren’t Driving on Tracks?

by maeweitz

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Have you ever seen a car that runs on a pair of tracks instead of a set of wheels? Not necessarily a new model, but some vehicles run on tracks if they need to pass through irregular terrain such as snow, mud, and rocky roads. The German-made TUMS (tracked urban mobility scout) would have been a good example if it wasn’t a fake.

In the end, it’s better to leave tracks to tanks and armored vehicles; your Toyota in Bristol is fine with rubber. Regular tires may not be for off-road travel, but it’s not like you drive off road all the time. Mobility is one reason, as with the case of the US Army’s Stryker combat vehicle, which was designed for rapid deployment. Have you ever wondered why the world’s fastest tracks can only make vehicles go up to 60 mph?

For casual driving, normal wheels are good; however, if you want to try your knack at rock climbing by jeep, get bigger wheels. The fastest sports cars wouldn’t be able to clock up past 100 mph if the cars were using tracks. If stock car racing used tracks instead of wheels, it would probably be a slow race.

There’s also the matter of repair and maintenance; a busted tire can be replaced with a spare, but a track has too many moving parts that make it harder to fix. It’s easier to carry a spare tire, rims and rubber included, than a dozen gears and tracks. The speed in repair and maintenance allows a wheeled vehicle to get back on the road sooner.

Tracks can take you where wheels can’t go. In the US, most of the places tracks can go can also be reached on wheels. Tires remain the more effective mode of mobility in terms of maintenance and availability. It’s anyone’s guess as to what roads will look like if the cars were driving on tracks (long track marks, for example). For now, your Tri Cities Toyota will have four wheels and a spare to drive on.

For a comparison of tracks and wheels, namely in military doctrine, visit For information on tires, visit your local car repair center.

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