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2doves Provides A New Concept For Remembering The Dead

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2doves Provides A New Concept For Remembering The Dead

Knowing the right way to commemorate a life can be difficult and of course, the personality or wishes of the deceased should always play a part in proceedings. Unfortunately, many deaths come out of the blue or the deceased may not have wished to talk about any plans being made to honour and commemorate their life while they are still around. This can make it difficult for people to mark a life properly, which can cause added upset and suffering for the people who have been left behind.

The rise of social media sites has provided great ways for people to interact and have fun with regards their activities but the same concept can provide the perfect platform for properly commemorating the lives of people who have left us. The 2doves site is a new concept that allows proper tributes and memorials to be created for people who are no longer with us but it also enables people to leave plans and instructions for when they pass away.

While not all of us are comfortable talking about death or planning ahead, it is important that people take care of their affairs. The importance of having a will is regularly stated but there are many other things that people would like to take care of that are not covered with a will. The 2doves site allows a person to store instructions, leave messages and help to plan out any commemoration that may be held for them.

Make sure important information is passed on

A user can set up an account and invite two specially nominated people to act as their 2doves. The site is very simple to use and it doesn’t require any level of computer skills or experience. The specially selected guests will be provided with login details that will enable them to gain access to the folders and files that have been created.

What is contained in these folders and files is entirely up to the person who makes them. Some people may focus on the practical things in life like the name of their Bank manager / Solicitor, etc and hold passwords and detailed instructions about where certain things are stored. Other people may decide to leave messages to their friends and loved ones that should only be passed on after they have passed away.

It may also be that the person wishes to have a strong role in planning their funeral or memorial service. This is a topic that can be difficult to broach with loved ones and it is often put off until it is too late. With the support of 2doves, people can clearly list any instructions or wishes they have, making it easier for the specially selected friends to carry out these wishes as intended.

Provide comfort for loved ones

Someone that is ill or dying can receive great comfort knowing that their wishes are taken care of and that they can leave messages for the people that they love. Of course, there is no need to be dying to create this style of account. We never know what is around the corner and many accidents occur which take people from us far too soon. There is a good level of peace of mind to be obtained by having your estate in order and planning in advance. Having the services of 2doves in place means that any eventually is taken care of.

In addition to providing benefits for the person who creates the account, there can be a sense of relief and comfort for those left behind. If there are any special messages left behind, it can act as a great comfort during a difficult time for friends and loved ones of the deceased. Any instructions regarding how a memorial should be managed or set-up can also take a lot of stress away from people organising these events. Knowing that it is possible to make a difficult time slightly easier for loved ones will be a great comfort for people in their final days.

It is understandable that many people do not like to talk about death but it is a natural part of life. Anyone looking to take greater control of their legacy and memory will find that 2doves provides a genuine opportunity to get the send-off that they desire. Whether you wish to make life easier for loved ones or you want to ensure you are remembered in the right way, 2doves provides the perfect platform for your needs.



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