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The proper use of lights in the winter?

by hidfoglight

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As the seasons change and the nights get long, the days are getting shorter. Before sunset or work, facing every day, is to driving at night. About the lights, you will how to properly use it?

Highway driving

Night vision is not good, the speed appropriate to slow down. Generally no street lights on the highway, so thanks to the lighting. This happens, we must keep in mind the essentials of lighting, night open night lights, showing the wide lights, in case Rain and fog weather but also the fog lights turned on. If the front of the car, may be appropriate to open the high beam, more distant journey in front of the short term, the situation around, and then open, open beam lights. If the car in front or the opposite side of the

car, be sure to keep in mind the high beam into a beam lights, or light shake in front of the driver's eyes or the opposite, it is annoying that the accident was also very easy to spread itself.

State highway driving

This situation is generally township roads, usually no serious shortage situation of street lamps, lighting at night. In this case, almost can not use the high beam and low beam light. The design of the beam lights in order to illuminate the range of about 50 meters, the low beam on the scene saw relatively clear, low and high beam is much higher compared according to only see the dim outlines of objects within a larger distance range, close objects are relatively not nearly pure light.

In addition, if you must use the high beam, it must be the former case, on the contrary had no car, according to the provisions within 150 meters, you must use low beam <a href=""><b>hid conversion kits</b></a>.
Urban roads

City traffic at night due to strong lighting street lighting system, so that drivers can rely on the use of street lamps and lighting combined with the observation Pavements, will be able to have a clear understanding of the road and surrounding objects relative to the first two cases, in order to drive timely and more accurate judgments and processing.

Urban lighting system is also more likely to cause the illusion of light has been opened. As we all know, the visibility of the night, the contrast between the vehicle and the environment can not be compared and decreased during the day, it is easy to let other drivers ignore their existence, leading to an accident. Therefore, it is usually close to dusk lights....

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