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Involving children in school ideas for fundraising

by Charleston

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There are many wonderful school fundraising ideas that can successfully help to raise extra monies needed to finance school programs. Many of these school ideas for fundraising involve school children and their parents. It is always a good idea to involve children in fundraising where possible because children are typically very enthusiastic about such activities. Besides its intended purpose of raising money for the school, a school fundraising provides a great opportunity for children to learn important skills. Teachers should thus endeavor to use school fundraiser ideasthat children will both enjoy and learn important lessons from.


Children come out of fundraising activities having learnt important lessons in teamwork and cooperation. Almost all school fundraising ideas require a degree of teamwork. By working together towards an important goal, children practically learn to work as a team. There is seldom a better way of teaching children to work together than giving them an important task such as fundraising to work on as a group. From the teamwork learnt, leadership skills will begin to blossom. Children who are poised to become leaders stand out from their peers and will be seen taking charge of the group while others follow.


Many times, teachers are the ones who decide which school fundraiser ideasto use without taking any input from children who are the main participants. While there is nothing wrong with teachers taking the lead, there is certainly no harm in asking the children to contribute some school ideas for fundraising of their own or at least asking them to choose one idea from a number of options. Giving children a voice contributes to their development because they feel appreciated and they know that they truly matter. In addition, children can surprise you with their innovativeness. Children can come up with an idea that no adult had thought of and it can work wonderfully. Children are very likely to take part in a fundraiser with more gusto if they had a say in choosing the fundraising method being used.


Getting children involved in school fundraising helps to develop their character and self-esteem. Children develop their self-esteem when they are recognized for doing important things like helping to raise money for the school. Teachers should thus come up with school fundraising suggestions that'll draw together all the children including those who are shy and laid back. The best fundraising ideas are those that don't leave out any child for any reason. There is an old saying that "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". School fundraising ideas that involve children should include a lot of fun because children love fun and will be more enthusiastic if they find the fundraising activity enjoyable.


At the end of the day, when it's all said and done, teachers should remember to thank the children who participated in the event. Acknowledge the children for theirschool fundraising proposalsand their contribution to the success of the event. Recognize every child's contribution and thank them for making a sacrifice for the better good of the school and their fellow children. Children will definitely be eager to take part in future fundraising events if they are appreciated.


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