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Some Useful Products You Can Get From Army Surplus Stores

by zelliwillshon

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Don’t be bother about instruments when you have to go out in camping. All
needs would be full fill through a nearby army surplus store. There are
some of them mentioned below which are so essential during a camp.

First Aid

We never want to think that we will need a first aid kit
when we plan a trip in the outdoors, perhaps you are a hunter, mountaineer or
fisherman and you spend time in the outdoors on a regular basis. Army Surplus
has you covered with their range of fantastic value and high quality First Aid
Kits. A range of small first aid kits are available to purchase as well as a
Military Com First Aid Kit in a military style zipped case that has loops for
carrying on your belt. Ensure that you are able to give or receive first aid
and you have the bare essential equipment for doing so on every trip outdoors.
Check out Army Surplus First aid Kits today.




Blending in with your surroundings is essential if you in
the outdoors, especially if you are hunting prey or on a survival course and do
not wish to be detected. Army Surplus has just the thing for you; Camouflage
equipment. We have in stock a variety of Jack Pyke Camo Ghillie suits and Camo
leaves. Camouflage paints and camo tape, we even have camo scope covers for
your gun. Whatever your needs for anything camouflage take a look through the
range here at Army Surplus, you are sure to find what you need to stay
undetected whilst in the outdoors.


Knives and

Essential parts in your kit for the outdoors are knives and
tools. No matter what you spend your time doing in the outdoors, whether it is
mountaineering, backpacking, hunting or survival courses you will need to have
knives and tools. Here at Army surplus we have a fantastic range of knives and
neat tools that are of high quality but at competitive prices. From gun
cleaning kits, entrenching tools, Military spec wire saws, bush craft knives,
combat survival kits, to name but a few items you are sure to find what you
need here at Army Surplus. Take a look today order by 3pm and the items will be
shipped the same day.



We all need to know the time no matter what we are doing,
but this can be an essential piece of equipment when you are in the outdoors,
especially if you are mountaineering, hunting or fishing you need to have a
reliable way to tell and keep track of the time. A watch is what you need, here
at Army Surplus we stock Pro-Tex Military watches, which includes a spare strap
and is boxed. The watches are waterproof to 50m and have a tough stainless
steel body making it ideal in all sorts of tough terrain and adverse weather
elements. Choose a Military watch from Army Surplus you will not be


Torches and

Emergency lighting and a reliable torch are essential kit
for anyone who spends time in the outdoors. At Army Surplus we stock a
fantastic range of torches and lighting to suit your needs. From Angle torches
to Head torches you will find a torch that is perfect for your outdoor
pursuits, or survival course. Emergency light sticks are vital in your
emergency kit and are offered at a fantastic price here at Army Surplus. Take a
look today and find just what you need and you will never be left in the dark,
when you choose from our large range of torches and lighting equipment.



You know just how important excellent navigation equipment
is if you are to survive in the great outdoors, it can mean the difference
between success and failure, life and death. Here at Army Surplus we have a
various range of navigation equipment to suit your needs, from a simple hand
tally counter to a more sophisticated Silva Ranger 3 Compass, which is great
for mountaineering, backpackers and hunters. Take a look through the range of
high quality compasses we have on offer at Army Surplus and never put yourself
in danger by wandering into dangerous territory or getting lost without enough
supplies to keep you going.


You can also log-on to-:   for further information. When it comes to your
military equipments, you should enjoy nothing but the best.


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