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Complete Windows Data Recovery: Myth or Reality

by anonymous

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Are you bogged-down with your endless pursuits to recover lost Windows data? Is your Windows data recovery tool not giving you the promised results? And probably you are regretting your purchase!

Wait a bit and rethink your recovery approach. Perhaps, your Windows data recovery product is doing what it is programmed to do but is not meant to fix the exact issue you are facing.

In the first place, you should always keep a backup of your updated work data. Yes, many times we fail to back up our vital personal and professional data owing to our other priorities. But, a data loss situation can strike us any moment without hinting in advance. Numerous Windows data recovery tools throng ecommerce and physical market place, and promise to offer us secured recovery of our lost data. But, onus lies on us to judge the reliability and suitability of a tool for our usage. Though contemporary data recovery tools employ advanced algorithms to recover deleted files and folders from damaged partitions of Windows operating system, but not all of them are meant to serve varied recovery needs of different users. Moreover, we shall be aware that it is not possible to recover all user data completely in all situations.

Under what circumstances 100% recovery is difficult?

Many of these advanced Windows data recovery tools have the limitation of recovering an extremely large data file completely. Moreover, these software utilities often fail to retrieve data on a disk which was over written with some other data. It is a fact that if you permanently delete a particular data file, that file is not completely erased from your hard drive. Only, that disk location becomes available for use by some other data, and the original data still resides on the hard disk unless it is overwritten. Therefore, if Windows data recovery procedure is executed prior to that space being rewritten, your lost data contents can be recovered.

Moreover, it is advised that you keep a disk image of that particular storage disk prior to performing any action or recovery procedure on it. This can be fruitful in case a single recovery procedure doesn’t work for you. Doing this will allow you to try different data recovery methods on the same disk copy. Also, if you have executed some action on the hard disk post data loss, your chances of getting your data recovered completely on execution of Windows data recovery procedureare faint. Moreover, in some instances if data loss has occurred on employing disk repartitioning or resizing tools, 100% data recovery for Windows isdifficult.

Therefore, users shall be mindful of certain pitfalls prior to buying and executing a Windows data recovery program. It is, hence, importa

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