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Tips for Cheap International Shipping

by Jameshorncastle

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It’s a boon of the information age that cheap shipping is within the reach of ordinary people thanks to greater coordination, growth of multinational courier companies, and development of online tracking solutions and logistics software. However, for the unwary, international shipping requires knowledge of certain matters, or that cheap shipping can turn costly.

Deal through an intermediary agency to use shipping of major couriers

Intermediaries like make the process of moving through the maze of options and finding the right bargain in cheap shipping much easier than directly contacting major couriers. There are many reasons to this. Intermediary companies share part of the load of coordination, customer service, and overhead by acting as intermediaries and this smoothens the functioning of major couriers. In fact, it is essential for their performance. Big couriers in turn, provide special rates and care to intermediaries, who in turn pass the same to the end consumer. So, if dealing through an intermediary like, you can still use the major couriers but would get better cheap shipping options than contacting the same couriers directly.

Be prepared for parcel losing visibility in online tracking system

Especially in international parcels, cheap shipping can involve the employment of third party couriers or local and regional couriers for delivery. Unless dealing with a single major company be prepared for stages of delivery not covered immediately by online tracking. Don’t get worked up if you can’t find the status of your parcel suddenly after it leaves UK. The thing would be temporary, until the people in charge do their formal reporting and the same is logged in and registered in the system.

Pack properly

Cheap shipping obviously means that you’d have to do your own packing of the parcel, and unless you make the packaging weatherproof and shockproof, damage of contents would be inevitable and the cheap shipping become meaningless.

Write addresses accurately

Wrong address information can incur quite high costs and penalties in spite of failure of delivery, for the fault is yours. Simple spelling mistakes can also cause big problems here, or wrongly quoting the post code code. To ensure that cheap shipping remains cheap, never forget to cross check address particulars.

Provide accurate phone numbers:

This is for two reasons. First, if the phone number is correct, a misspelling in the address can be glossed over for it remains a duty of the delivery to phone if address is misleading. The second reason is that if the consignee or the recipient is not at home when the courier comes to deliver, there might be additional charges and you would like to avoid that to keep cheap shipping cheap.

Other things like labeling etcetera are part of the parcel delivery process, and you can hardly go wrong while printing out and sticking on a label on a parcel.

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