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Dog Flea Anaemia : What are the symptoms of dog Flea Anaemia

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Dog Flea Anaemia : What are the symptoms of dog Flea Anaemia

Dog Fleas are small, dangerous parasites which live with our dog. Dog Fleas suck blood from dogs. Dogs are prone to risk of different disease because of the presence of fleas; either flea cause disease or they will carry the disease with them. If you don’t control or prevent dog fleas they can also be life threatening. If fleas are present for a long time then primary disease is anaemia.

Anaemia is a lack of red blood cells in bloods. This may be due to over sucking of blood by dog fleas. Red blood cells carry oxygen to every organ or cell of the body system. Lack of red blood cells means dog body may not get an adequate supply of oxygen. This will cause numerous body symptoms in dogs. The primary symptoms of anaemia are appetite, lethargy and weakness.

If you want to diagnose whether your dog is suffering from anaemia or not; you can look for the following symptoms. Some symptoms can be observed visually and some can be done with the help of pet vet.

Reduced activity level:
The first observatory symptom is reduced activity level and lethargy. The dog may eat less; sleep a lot more than normal behaviour. Even after playing while dog tends to rest more.   


The other observatory symptoms due to lack of red blood cell and oxygen supply are whitish gums and a white tongue.

Pale white eyes:
Normally the membrane of the inner portion of the eye, the conjunctiva, is bright pink in colour. But due to lack of oxygen  conjunctiva may appear pale or white

Weakness and collapse:

These are the most common symptoms. Due to deprived of oxygen dog may feel weakness and sometime dog may collapse suddenly. The dog will not play with toys and may find difficulty in running and jumping.

These are some observatory symptoms of anaemia due to dog fleas. For further investigation, consult with your pet vet and also find out the remedies for the same.

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