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Out of Home/Outdoor Advertising – An exclusive mode of brand

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Any promotion campaign of a brand, business or cause launched through outdoor media comes under outdoor advertising. Considered one of the oldest modes of brand advertising, outdoor media is one of the contemporary tools of product advertising widely adopted by wide range of brand owners and advertisers. Of late, the launch of new age media has enhanced the overall practice of outdoor advertising.  Digital tools have replaced conventional ones all in all garnering the advertising efforts of brand advertisers. In the following paragraphs, let us have a look at how outdoor advertising tools are currently opted amongst the exclusive modes of brand promotion by a wide range of brand owners.

Techniques of outdoor advertising are not much different from other advertising modes. Any outdoor advertising campaign aims at providing a massive appeal to target customers who are out of home or on the go. In order to provide a rich impact to these target customers, outdoor advertisers play with the language, design and presentation of the overall brand message. The brand message, ad design and colour schemes are blended in such a way that it provides onlookers a visual appeal and hit their eyeballs. The airport advertising ad displays, the mall advertising ads, the metro ads etc are few avenues where outdoor ad displays are randomly observed around. In all these avenues, advertisers use big, bold and bright ad displays to hit customers' eyeballs. The brand message is easily delivered to prospects through outdoor media.

One advantage of outdoor advertising is that any outdoor ad is available 24/7. The ready availability of brand message further provides easy accessibility for customers.  Hence, customers have their own choice to go through the ad display as per their convenience and only when they want to do so. Besides, an OOH ad display also provides a liberal outlook to customers irrespective of caste, creed, gender or age.

One of the popular avenues of outdoor mode of brand promotion is Airport advertising.  Airport advertising involves any brand promotion activity deployed in and around any airport area, be it international or domestic terminal.  Considered as ideal locations, airports are places where rich people with spending capacity travel up and down via flights for various business or personal trips. Targeting such prospects means more business or sale since these people are generally rich and have the buying capacity. Airport ads offer a premium look to audiences for which airports are considered the best locations to advertise a brand, service or idea. Electronic kiosks, digital billboards, digital signages, LCD, LED, Backlit translits etc are few tools used in airport advertising.

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