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A peek into the lives of hip hop models

by anonymous

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Hip hop music videos are not complete without female dancers. These dancers go by various names, including hip hop vixens and hip hop honeys. They enliven music videos by sensuously shaking their booties and they also play specific roles to bring out the themes of the music videos. Hip hop fans certainly love these hip hop vixens very much. Without them hip hop music videos would become very boring and hip hop musicians will no doubt lose many fans. Popular as hip hop honeys are though, few of their fans really know what happens behind the scenes in the music industry.


Life as a hip hop honey begins the moment one lands a role in a music video. Landing a role in a video is not as easy as it sounds because so many ladies vie for these roles. For someone to make it into a video she needs to create a profile and sign up with a casting agency or several agencies to increase her chances. Producers regularly call on casting agencies for models. If one is called up she has to impress the producer before she can be given a role. Most hip hop vixens start by playing very minor roles in music videos, usually as extras, before they gain recognition.


A hip hop honey needs a lot of discipline and hard work to climb from menial roles to more prestigious ones and it also takes time. The only way to move up the ladder is to get noticed and make a good performance in the present roles. One must admit that sometimes a hip hop honey can get a lucky break, maybe get spotted by a leading producer or artiste. A lucky break is however not something which hip hop vixens exclusively bank on.


A hip hop model’s main asset is her body and it has to be worked on. Hip hop vixens maintain rigorous diets and exercise regimes because the industry is very unforgiving especially if one should acquire some flab especially around her very visible midriff. In addition, they must take very good care of themselves by, for example, avoiding alcohol and other drugs. The impression we often get from music videos where people are shown drinking, smoking and just having a good time is very misleading because in real life serious models stay away from such things.


The hip hop industry regularly comes under fire especially from feminists and women rights activists over its portrayal of women. The industry is accused of painting women in a very derogatory way in both their lyrics and music video content. Industry defenders have however not hesitated to point out the fact that hip hop vixens willingly perform in these videos and that the best paid among them make very good incomes. In addition, many of these women launch successful music, acting or modeling careers of their own later on.


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