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Mobile Alert: How Does Cell Phone Spyware Work?

by honradspy

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The ingenuity of text messaging swept the world over many years ago. In fact, mobile phones have morphed into a constant messaging device rather than a means to communicate with voice.  There are pros and cons – but the public was hooked by the fact that text messaging seemed personal, private and discreet. Moreover, if you are engaged in a private exchange, the messages are easily deleted with one click and no one would know your agenda. The same endearing features of text messaging has somehow been used for illicit affairs – financial anomalies, infidelity, illegal deals, unsound plans, etc. and if your loved one is amidst these conditions, wouldn’t you be intrigued to know what’s going on?

Spyware has long been a nuisance in the tech world, affecting millions of computers and gadgets worldwide. Its purpose: to steal information. But cell phone spyware may just as well be your ally than a foe, as it can help you detect dishonesty in your family; it can help you save your children from danger; it can help you save your company from rogue employees and it can ultimately release you from your suspicions. But how does cell phone spyware work? What kind of information does it retrieve?

What Spyware Can Do?

There are thousands of spy applications in the market ranging from the free to the ridiculously expensive. The prices are not even relative to their capabilities as any charge so high despite their product’s incompetence. What you should know is that spyware has common features:

  1. Call Tracking – simple apps can give you snapshots of calls made and received from the target device – even the frequency and duration. More sophisticated spy apps do as much as record and store calls even when the apps are idle.
  2. SMS Monitoring – apps can send you copies of all inbound and outbound messages from the device
  3. GPS  Locator – using GPRS networks, you can track the whereabouts of the target device almost real time.

Depending on your needs, other mobile spyware can track emails, website URLS, photos, environmental sounds, and may even have anti-theft features.

Simply install the spyware on the mobile phone or device you want to be tracked. These installations are completely invisible. Unless you bought or downloaded a questionable product, there is very little chance that your target user would detect that his phone has been infected.

You will register an account that is connected to the spyware on the target’s device. Once everything has been properly installed, you will begin receiving reports on the activities of the mobile device. For instance, the device received a text message, a duplicate will be sent to your inbox automatically. Every time you want to see reports on calls made or received on the device, the account will contact the mobile target invisibly and retrieve the data you requested.

How does a cell phone spyware work? Now you know! If your family, children, marriage or business is at stake – you have every right to get the information you need to make calculated decisions.

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