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Calgary Upholstery Cleaning Businesses

by kirkkubik

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There have been about 400,000 households in Calgary, Alberta since 2006. As each house has about a dozen or so chairs—plus carpeting, sofas, and mattresses—the number of home furniture and upholsteries currently in the city greatly eclipses the number people who live there. This suggests that some cleaning businesses, like those who provide upholstery cleaning in Calgary, always have a job to do, especially in combating the following impurities and parasites found in every home.


It is estimated that an average household's carpet contains around 200,000 germs for every square inch. This figure is 4,000 times more than the number of germs found in toilet seats. Household cleansing devices and methods are usually inadequate to totally eliminate most bacteria, and those found in carpets and upholsteries may include dangerous strains like E. Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Salmonella. Some advisable measures to help reduce the quantity of bacteria include refraining from walking on carpets with shoes on, and deep steam-cleaning at least two times each year.

Dust Mites

Though typically found in bed sheets, dust mites also lay their eggs in carpets and upholsteries. These microscopic bugs feed on human skin flakes and animal dander. The mites themselves are neither parasitic nor hazardous, but their presence and waste products add to house dust that can be deadly for those with allergies.


These fungi often grow in locations where dampness can be found, and carpeting and used upholsteries also work as perfect breeding grounds for them. Carpets in particular are really challenging to keep dry. Not everyone is at risk when it pertains to molds, though people with allergic reactions and/or underlying lung diseases will experience problems.


Cockroaches have the tendency to search for bits of food stuck in sofas, rugs, and other furniture, therefore propagating their numbers. One way to help lessen their populace is to cut off their sources of food, and complete carpeting cleaning is part of that. Expert cleansing techniques include sanitization and anti-resoiling, as made use of by one Calgary carpet cleaning service.

Cleansing is always a chore, but it is a must for households that want to keep their homes as safe and healthy for people as possible. When it concerns tiny opponents, nevertheless, this is where experts come in. To find out more about cleansing around the house, visit

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