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There are many filters and devices out there that can help you maintain the cleanliness of your aquarium, but if there are two devices that rank high in keeping your aquarium clean, they would be protein skimmers and canister filters. These are integral in keeping large aquariums clean and maintaining a great environment for your fish to survive. But if you remain unconvinced, why not read on?

 Protein skimmers and what they do

 A protein skimmer is usually used in seawater aquariums that hold seawater fish. Because seawater fish that are contained in an aquarium are more prone to be sensitive, it is very important that you maintain their aquariums clean. This is where a protein skimmer comes in. A protein skimmer is used to break down any organic material that may be floating within an aquarium so that they don't end up decomposing within the tank to become nitrogenous waste. Protein skimmers also lift a heavy load on your biological filtration device, if there is one installed

Canister filters: how exactly do they work?

A canister filter stands outside of an aquarium. This alone can count a lot for the space that remains within an aquarium, it gives your fish more room to roam and at the same time remain clean. Canister filters function by pumping out the dirty water in the aquarium and passing it through the canister itself, which contains. A canister filter can contain any type of filter that you may want to employ or may suit your personal preference. The canister filter then pumps the clean water back into the aquarium so that your fish don't have to remain in a filthy mess

While these two methods are very impressive means on their own, but in the aquarium supplies store, there is a great variety of parts, filters, methods, and even DIY processes that can help you maintain your aquarium, without the extra hassle of devices, and without the heavier price tag on any of them!

Before you but anything on impulse, however, make sure that you do some research on the different and important precautions you should take before you make any changes in the environment of your fish. Just make sure to go down to your local mall and find the aquarium supplies store, and make sure to inquire about what may be the best method for you to employ. Make sure your fish remain safe and healthy, be the responsible pet owner.

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