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Of Safeguarding Step Stakes and Lawn Signs and Doing It Prop

by rettalangevin

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Lawn or turf signs make an outstanding marketing plot, specifically in the suburban areas, where virtually no high-rise billboards or banners can be seen. From enterprises to political affiliations, many individuals utilize these signs to market a lot of things. If you wish to keep people looking at your signs though, you ought to learn to secure it from weathering and other damaging factors; each part of it actually, from the tough step stakes to the board itself.

Sign Surface

Smaller-sized turf signs have to be laminated to safeguard the design and writing from fading away. Seek out information on the web relating to the required laminate thickness for your signs. If you have larger, wooden signs, sand them and use a coat of primer. Then coat with a clear varnish. Constantly monitor your signs to assure that they are still as readable as ever.


The stakes that support your sign's surface also gets its fair share of pummeling from the weather. Search for designs and products that are resilient, water-resistant and not vulnerable to damage by the elements. Furthermore, you might also find having stakes that don't quickly topple over from high winds to be quite convenient.

Anchor to Concrete

To further strengthen your sign's toughness against toppling over or being taken by your community vandals, you can posts to concrete or anchor the stakes. To do this, dig a two-feet deep twelve-inch wide opening into the ground. Then, drill holes by the bottom of your stake and put bolts in. Bury the part in the hole, add crushed gravel and concrete, then cover with dirt to level it to the turf.


Think about setting up some lights on your turf signs. This will keep your sign well advertised even in the dark of night. This can even prevent criminal damage, as potential suspects might feel more exposed with the lights constantly on. Just make certain that you put up the appropriate lighting to highlight your signs without flashing them blindingly in the direction of your next-door neighbors.

Efficient turf signs can appropriately market your business or whatever it is you may wish to promote without the risk of being damaged or quickly worn out. You can search on the Internet for trusted sellers of signs made from strong products. For more information, look into

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