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Tape library can enhance the storage space

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Data is growing immensely with new business requirements. Every organization is facing problem with data storage. These days, every industry is in need of servers to maintain their business information. These servers are used in all kinds of sectors such as IT industry, pharmaceuticals, universities, aerospace industry, banking sector and many more. These can provide the data access for multiple computers within organization. Servers have the limited storage capacity and cannot afford large amount of information. Hence, most IT organizations have developed multiple devices to store and maintain large amount of information. There are many storage devices with advanced features to perform various functions such as data backup, recovery management and protect the information securely.

Network attached storage (NAS), storage area network (SAN), direct attach storage (DAS) are the common devices in every industry to store the data and maintain the network connections. Tape library is the popular device that maintains the storage efficiency. It is defined as the collection of tape drives and magnetic tape cartridges in data storage. It is the hardware device, which consists of several tape drives for writing and reading data. These devices can dismount the tape cartridges without human interference. These are well-organized with multiple features to store and protect the data. These libraries can support high scalability and reliability using linear tape open (LTO) ultrium.

Tape library can deliver maximum storage capacity to store immense amount of data. This device includes one or more drives to increase the efficiency. These devices can read the cartridges barcode for loading the tapes and can hold the cartridges with several slots to enhance the storage space. These are efficient devices that connect directly to the servers to offer high storage capacity, consistent backup, high speed processing power and many more to augment the business performance and productivity. These are also featured with rack mounted, desk side and desktop configurations to maintain the flexibility.  This device contains tape file system software to provide user access to the information in a shred folder.

Tape library is feature with tape drive integration. TS3500 is the popular library in IT industry that offers several business solutions. These can support several drives such as TS1120, TS1140, TS1130, 3592 J1A and many more. These can endorse numerous server attachments to provide high availability path and high processing power to rapid data access. These are managed with the remote feature through web browser. Moreover, these can also offer maximum capacity to enhance the performance.

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