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Parcelforce tracking and tracing services

by Jameshorncastle

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Parcelforce tracking at is one of the most user-friendly online parcel tracking systems with minimum fuss. However, there are certain points to check on, as the internet is notoriously distracting, and we have developed habits of scanning and not reading text on the internet. It is easy to miss out requirements on the parcelforce tracking systems if one only scans and doesn’t read what is there.

First of all, you need to be sure about what services you can actually track and trace using parcelforce tracking. Parcelforce tracking would allow you to check on the status on the following types of deliveries:

  • Royal Mail: Special Delivery, Airsure, International Signed For, and Recorded

  • Parcelforce Worldwide: Express9, Express10, ExpressAM, Express24, globalexpress, europrioritybusiness, europriorityhome, and globalpriority

Getting hold of the parcelforce tracking number

You cannot use parcelforce tracking unless you have a tracking number or tracking ID for the parcel or consignment.

In the case of Royal Mail, you can find the relevant tracking number on the POP or proof of posting.

In the case of parceforce worldwide, it usually assigns a unique tracking ID for the parcel to the sender. If this has been misplaced somehow, the best way is to either email or phone parcelforce tracking to get the tracking ID.

Using parcelforce tracking:

Nothing can be simpler: You just enter your tracking number in the designated field on the webpage at parcelforce, and click “track parcel” button below it.

Parcelforce tracking limitations:

There are certain common conditions where parcelforce tracking may fail to work and be unable to confirm the status of your parcel. This happens most commonly under the following scenarios:

  • Parcelforce tracking would fail if you have miskeyed the tracking number. Try to recheck the number and ensure that it is properly typed in without any mistake.

  • In cases of incoming parcels sent from overseas there can be problems in confirming status depending upon the delivery services used. Not all overseas parcel delivery services use computerized tracking systems, and unless the parcel enters a zone where computer tracking is available, parcelforce tracking cannot confirm status.

  • Unsent parcel: It is common to assign a tracking number as soon as the order is confirmed and verified and money paid. There would be a gap of time between assignment of the tracking number and actual movement of the parcel from the port of dispatch. Unless the parcel is on its way, it cannot be tracked on parcelforce tracking automated system.

  • A parcel sent earlier than 4 1/2 months cannot be tracked with parcelforce tracking as records older than 4 1/2 months are removed from the database

All in all, parcelforce tracking is one of the simplest and powerful parcel tracking systems in the world, and where it fails, the reason is usually attributable to other causes than any defect in the parcelforce tracking system.


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