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Get Digitally Organized With Note Taking Apps

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When considering the different Mac organizational apps to use to take notes, Together Mac is a an app that offers some basic features. The app helps people with that desire to be able to put everything with work and personal life into one easy-to-access place. Most Mac users have lived with notes and documents spread across their desktop, or stored in a disorganized folder structure. However, the frustration of searching, archiving, filing, and trying to keep organized has gone on long enough.


Many people have found the note taking solutions they were looking for with the easy to useTogether Mac system that has many great features. All your movies, images, text, web pages, bookmarks, documents, and voice recording can be dragged over to the Together organizer. They can be tagged, collected in a variety of ways, previewed, and kept safely for access at anytime.


Together app can help you store notes quickly. It can even save those essential web pages and other resources, including web PDF's that you need later. They will be identical to the originals, and even contain all the clickable links and content. You can also shave down to what is important.


Other organizational features of Together Mac include labeling with colors. You can collect these labeled items into groups, and set up a display that is similar to playlists in iTunes. The app does the work of the digital organization for you, saving you hours of time in comparison to that dusty, archaic, digital filing nightmare you used to work with.


Get More Functionality With Circus Ponies NoteBook


While Together Mac is a decent note taking app with many features, it does not compare to Circus Ponies NoteBook. NoteBook has a slew of additional features that just can't be found on Together Mac or any other Mac note taking app. For basic note taking functionality, Together Mac is an option, but If you are looking to store more than a few notes or documents, NoteBook is the best choice.



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