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Support Social Welfare for a Better Tomorrow

by halabolteam

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We live in an era where life is on the side of fast track. Now merely everything is being measured in terms of money, or monetary value and people have become intensely business minded. However, at the same time, various groups, organizations, and individuals have intensified social work India for the betterment of the society as a whole. In order to make their surroundings better whereas the number of pressure groups has also increased, which do not let any group to indulge into unethical activities, which might harm the humanity directly or indirectly, organizations have started to allocate special funds for the social work.

We all know that special care is required in both mental and physical manner for handicapped people. Globally, the special needs of handicapped people are taken care by a number of public and private institution setups. Offering assistance to these people is one of the greatest social services that an individual can provide. Nevertheless, people who make social welfare as a mission in life, they should to be guided in how to be concerned for handicapped people.

Some people are born handicapped, and others get handicapped later in life. The major causes of both physical and mental handicaps are accidents, wars, natural, and other disasters. Handicapped or disabled children need special care to help them adjust to their circumstances. Physical disabilities more often than not cause mental strain also and child psychiatrists and psychologists who are educated in helping such cases are employed to assist them. Mental trauma is far more difficult to tackle even though people learn to live with their physical disabilities. However, social work India could bring a change. Some patients make remarkable improvement and they are trained to deal with and get over their psychological anxiety. There are others, who take a much longer time to get better, and yet, others just give up on life and snub to improvement.

Volunteers help institutions for handicapped people in providing this social service and these Institutions depend heavily on them. Moreover, a number of doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists offer their services free to assist disabled people. Then there are organizations that provide free aid in terms of food, medication and monetary aid to run these institutions for social welfare. It is far more difficult to help the handicapped than helping regular patients in a hospital are. When a person with disabilities becomes capable of rejoining the main stream of life, the joy of the staff in these institutions knows no limit.

Sadly, in most developing countries, like ours, the handicapped people are left to fend for themselves without any assistance from the state. As human beings, with all our faculties and limbs in tack, we ought to make an endeavor to assist these people. We should by no means disregard that we ourselves could end up like them. After all, no one can keep away from a disaster that is despised to take place. Therefore, it is a duty that all of us to create social welfare by helping people with handicaps.

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Halabol is the space which aims at bringing like minded people together and making an impact collectively. Thus, help in supporting and solving various problems which we rather neglect otherwise. Halabol allows you to not make any more excuses. Team Halabol has written several articles
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