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No More Lost Passwords

by anonymous

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One of the most important aspects of the present day internet experience is the level of privacy an individual can enjoy even though the internet is shared by billions of people. It is no exaggeration to say that online privacy is something that people guard with a degree of fierceness that is hardly visible in the real world. People protect lots of confidential information with the help of passwords but in offices and corporations passwords protect millions of bytes of data or provide clearance to successive levels of information according to the hierarchy. So, for instance, if there is a file or folder that is solely meant for the chairman of the company then the file can be protected with a unique password and once the file is delivered to the chairman's e-mail in-box he can view the information by simply keying in that password. In this way, confidential information can be quickly passed around without any fear of being intercepted and read by somebody who does not have clearance.


However, there have been instances when offices, who have completely digitised their information have faced logistical nightmares when they lost their passwords for some reason. It is not inconceivable that organisations can be attacked by hackers or viruses, which have the capability of making the passwords redundant. In such a situation, companies would not be able to access their e-mails or other types of files or folders in the data base which requires a password for access. It is not a far fetched conclusion that the business operations of the particular office will be brought to its knees if the company are unable to access vital information or communicate among themselves.


The best way to avoid such a situation is to hire the services of a computer forensics firm who would be able to successfully retrieve the passwords and save it in a secure digital file for future use. The process is known as advanced password recovery and currently it is being used across many organisations in the world so that they do no have to face a logistical nightmare of epic proportions. One of the best known computer forensics firms in Australia is' Cyber4orensics', which has succeeded in helping innumerable clients with advanced password recovery solutions. However, over and above their exemplary password recovery services the firm is also well up on almost all other forms of computer forensics techniques, which has made them the preferred choice of many organisations in Australia.

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