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Knowing the Know-how of Orthopedic Surgeons in Fort Lauderda

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Called the "Venice of America", Fort Lauderdale, Florida houses over 168,000 citizens. With an opulent economy highly reliant on tourism, most of its locals are always on-the-go-- all set for action on a moment's notice. The busy lifestyle of this city's people can take a toll on the body, triggering aches and discomforts at the end of a chaotic day. When this happens, people rely on Fort Lauderdale physical therapy facilities to revitalize their physical functions.

Although everybody is acquainted with what the idea of physical therapy is about, most don't understand the full extent of this kind of treatment. In many cases, people are pleased with the knowledge that physical therapy is suggested for people who are badly hurt. To clarify this, the following is a quick summary of what physical therapy is about.

What is Physical Therapy?

Also called physiotherapy, and usually abbreviated as PT, physical therapy is a process dealing with remediation of disabilities and impairments, and the recovery of a person's mobility and functional ability. It is also carried out to help accelerate rehabilitation after surgery. It goes without saying, physical therapy usually includes exercise, including stretching, walking, core exercises, and weight lifting.

What Can PT Treat?

Physical therapy can enable you to recuperate from a broad array of injuries, like meniscus tear, back pain, and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. By means of proper prognosis and evaluation, a physical therapist can make a customized treatment plan, which includes manual therapy, exercise programs, electrical stimulation, and other methods.

Besides attending to injuries, physical therapy is likewise used to cure various persistent issues. These include multiple sclerosis, vertigo, spinal stenosis, and Parkinson's disease. Physical therapists in this city frequently work hand-in-hand with other professionals, primarily orthopedic surgeons in Fort Lauderdale medical offices when managing conditions that involve different body systems.

What to Expect at a PT Visit

The first PT appointment is normally dedicated to physical evaluation. The specialist will check your medical history and evaluate your strength, versatility, and coordination, among others. Once done, the initial aim of the treatment is to minimize any swelling or pain you may be struggling with. Basing on your condition, the solution goes on to increasing your versatility, then your strength and fortitude. In many cases, direction to equip patients to do home exercise programs and appropriate body mechanics are part of therapy. For more information, visit

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