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Reviewing the Perks of Video Production in Reno NV

by jimchabris

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Video production specialists, take note: it's just a matter of time before the H. 264 is overtaken by the more sophisticated H. 265. Many specialists state the new codec will aid network streaming a whole lot without needing to turn to a lower quality just for the video to load. This will mean easier video production for Reno NV studios in the years ahead.

Streaming video online has typically been a concern ever since high definition choices were provided for sites like YouTube. In layman’s terms, if your Net speed isn't fast enough, you can forget about loading the video in 720p or 1080p. The High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard, the longer designation for H. 265, will alter everyone's watching experience for the better. Now, exactly how is the H. 265 distinct from the one it will replace?

For starters, the H. 265 may process web video using only around 50 to 70 percent less bit rate than its antecedent. In a video playback test, the same video played making use of both the H. 264 and H. 265 resulted in considerable modifications. The H. 264 playback required more than 4,000 kbps to play the video, but the H. 265 decreased that number by over 50%.

Video specialists claim that the decrease in bit rate was largely due to a bigger coding tree block HEVC makes use of. The coding tree block is the fundamental unit of coding that permits the codec to offer a clear image of the video. In one report, researchers learnt that the codec required even more bit rate for smaller sized coding tree blocks.

Exactly what does this entail for video manufacturing studios and others who will take advantage of the HEVC? Tablets and other portable devices, which frequently count on Wi-Fi signals for video streaming could enjoy high quality videos even with slow Net rates. Due to the fact that H. 265 will only need less bit rate to run web videos, users will not have to wait for long hours. If you want the message to be sent throughout the online world, the video should not inconvenience customers.

Look at how the new H. 265 will alter personal or corporate video production in Reno by reading the article on and You can additionally visit Expect HEVC to come to a PC near you by 2014.

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