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Outstanding Features of the S1000 Flow Cytometer

by stratedigm

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Stratedigm as a company has excelled beyond expectations. The staff members of the company are extremely hard working and focussed on delivering the best products and uncompromised services. Some of the most extraordinary products brought about by them include A600 HTAS and A700 HTH. The range of flow cytometry includes S1000, S1000EX, and SE500.  


Some of the unique features of S1000 flow cytometer (highly competitive to BD LSR II) include:


  1. Outstanding performance in small package: the S1000 is equipped with four lasers, CellCapTure software and an exclusive workstation. The device t given a rugged look and modular designing. It can be adopted for usage on maximum number of aspects and delivers the best results with advanced systems. Hence, you get a large number of advantages from just a small device.
  2. Excellent investment for future: the design of the S1000 allows comfortable upgrading and unlimited functions. The upgrades are affordable and are accompanied with a number of applications, labels and dyes. This high throughput flow cytometry can also be customized according to the requirements. The product comes with a promise of integration of new technological advancements.
  3. Eco-friendly: Stratedigm gives more priority to the environment, hence, the products have been designed in such a manner that they consume much lesser amount of power and sheath fluid than other flow cytometers available in the market. It restricts the power usage when the device is not being used.
  4. Thorough analysis: the research carried on by S1000 takes into count all the complicated aspects. It does not leave behind any application. Also, it gives you the ability to pick out from a large number of labels and dyes. Combos can also be chosen to get precise results. New technology and chemistries can also be added to the research.
  5. Time recording: this feature gives a number of advantages to the user. For example, HDF assembly to regulate the temperature and to lighten the requirement of other parts, software for simple tasks, monitoring of variables, accessibility to the service centre and much more.

Apart from the above mentioned features, the S1000 flow cytometer has a number of other features as well. High quality material has been used in the construction of the machinery, in order to help you get the precise results. You can seek detailed information about the product from the website of the company i.e.


About Author: Stratedigm was founded in 2004 and since then the company has been working towards creating the best flow cytometry, BD LSR IIproducts. If you are looking for high throughput flow cytometry, call for a quote at 408-512-3901 or call on their toll free number 1-877-801-6098. Service request forms on the website can also be used to get a quote.