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What the Assyrians Knew About Combat Boots and Modern War

by kishakitchens

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It was better to battle wars in shoes than with bare feet . . . the Assyrians were among the first to find out about this. What was hot enough to fry eggs and leave feet with unpleasant blisters was the scorching sands of modern-day Middle East. Proof suggests that Assyrians were the first in the use of combat boots.

The Assyrians were a race of mighty warriors during their time. To help them broaden their region, they made use of one of the earliest combat boots in history, which were made mainly of leather. It wasn't the most difficult material around, but it was difficult and light sufficient to last for long marches around the unforgiving terrain. The boots also had iron plates acting as shin guards.

Modern infantry holds the lessons ancient militaries found out and remains to enhance the technology behind combat boots. Sometimes, the winner in any fight is the one with the best gear. After all, a well-equipped, skilled soldier will genuinely go a long way.

For example, going to struggle in a pair of boots that passed the Requirement Examination Methods for Foot Protection is a reason to be in high spirits. Additionally, when the pair is waterproof, individuals will have no agitations about crossing rivers or marshes on foot. A composite security toe will also keep the individual safe when he dashes his foot against stones.

Now, exactly how about boots that come with a pocket? This type enables the wearer to store a little knife, possibly, for use in harsh circumstances. Plus, oil and slip resistant attributes permit the individual to walk as quietly as a cat. Going to battle in gears as these will surely enhance the soldier's confidence.

Combat boots have come a long method since the first Assyrian slipped his foot into among their boots. Wearing the correct gear is really crucial for the soldier of any era. For a streamlined history of combat boots, you can check out the article on You can also view a copy of The Ancient World by military historian Richard Gabriel on For combat boots and other equipment for law enforcement, contact a local supplier.



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