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Roof Repairs for Chicago Industrial Roofing

by penelopedingee

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A lot of commercial roofing systems in Chicago, Illinois are flat roofs, which people can quickly walk on. Flat roof structures are relatively intricate due to the fact that they require heavy waterproofing without defensive coverings similar to panels and shingles. Instead, they are protected with membrane layers, including EPDM synthetic rubber, which likewise covers the flat rooftop from the effects of sunlight, precipitation and the harsh temperature fluctuations which are typical in the Windy City.


Some commercial roof structures are created with ethylene propylene diene monomer or EPDM, which is an unique synthetic rubber derived from oil and natural gas. EPDM is resilient and durable, and is also exceptionally waterproof when it is added to the roof deck. Because of its high resistance to ultraviolet radiation, hail, and even serious heat and fire, contractors usually perform only minor roof repairs on ChicagoEPDM roofing systems.


Many industrial facilities have TPO roofing, which is a single-ply roof structure combining thermoplastic polyolefin with different rubber and plastic compounds and additives. Usually added with fire barriers and waterproofing materials, TPO is considerably harder than EPDM, and can protect roofing systems from harmful UV radiations and rainfall. Routine sealing and waterproofing services are basic repairs for this form of roof.

Modified bitumen

Unlike single-ply roof covering, modified bitumen roofing is dramatically more complicated and is thought about more dependable by lots of experts. Asphalt is applied to a roofing system with modifiers similar to APP (atactic polypropylene) and SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) to toughen the asphalt. These modifiers offer the asphalt a plastic-like consistency that properly waterproofs the surface, while enhancing its resistance to rainfall and sunlight. Roofers use modified bitumen membranes to develop this roof covering, and this membrane can be closed when busted.

Cool roofs

The materials used for these flat roof structures often soak up a lot of heat. This can supply the building interior heat that it does not require, so cool roof coatings should be applied. These finishes are simply lighter colored protective coating that mirrors heat and light far from the building; this avoids the amount of energy needed to cool roof coverings during the warm summer season.


To lengthen the form of these rooftops, excellent drainage is required. Not like pitched roofs, flat roofing systems are incapable to get rid of ice, water, and snow as readily. Chicago roof contractors make use of commercial roofing drainage methods to keep the roof coverings as dry as possible. For more information, see and

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