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Things To Understand Before Buying Grass Fed Beef

by localseo

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There are certain things to be kept in mind before buying grass fed beef which will enable you to purchase right product. You are required to shop and purchase these locally so you will get fresh products whenever you visit your nearby market. If you care for nutritional quality of grass fed beef then it is best to avoid supermarkets.

Grass fed beef should be bought in bulk directly from local farmer. This is very useful because you can ask the farmer questions in relation to how the animal was raised. It also enables you to conveniently have meat on hand and get wide variety of cuts according to your preferences.

One of the most pertinent questions which you should ask for when buying grass fed beef is whether cattle was finished on grass or was it finished on grains. This means many farmers will let the cows to grass the pasture up to six weeks before slaughter and then fatten the cow up with grains. If they are fed on grains then most of the benefits of grass fed beef is lost. So it is very essential for you to confirm with the farmer that this cow was finished on grass and preferably did not have grains in its lifetime.

Grass fed beef is an ideal meat because when cows eat grass its meat is full of vitamins and minerals and also possesses great anti-inflammatory Omega-3 profile. Grass fed beef is healthy to consume because it has lower levels of unhealthy fats and higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and thus better for cardiovascular health. It is also known to have lower dietary cholesterol and provides more vitamins A and E as well as antioxidants.

Moreover, this beef is distinctly different and has grassy flavor when compared to feed lot beef. Grass fed beef is also expensive when compared to grain fed meat. It is also more nutritious and has high levels of Beta-carotene so you are not required to reduce your consumption if you are eating this meat.

Further, it is worthwhile to mention here, that because these cows are eating what they are supposed to eat, they are not required to be treated with hormones and drugs. Their digestive systems function properly and they grow at normal rate and thus free from stress that feedlot cattle endures. They are raised in a free range environment so they develop stronger immune system than grain fed cattle. They don’t require to be treated with antibiotics as they do not fall sick as against those cattle which are raised in cramped pens.

You will be surprised to know that grass fed beef has Conjugated Linoleic Acid content which has cancer-fighting properties and it also helps people to reduce fat in overweight people. The amount of fat in this beef is thinner and clearer than the fat from grain fed beef. Cattle fed on open pastures live in clean and pristine environments thus offering you unadulterated and tasty Omega-3 without contamination of major pollutants.

These are essential things which you are required to understand before buying grass fed beef.

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