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10 Noteworthy Features of Photography Websites

by pixpadesign

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Almost every individual nowadays has an interest in photography. The passion of clicking innovative photos attracts everyone. People capture life moments with their beloved ones and keep it as a memory which they can cherish throughout their lives. Photographs bring the near and dear ones close to us who live far away. For professional photographers, it is imperative to create their own portfolio website in order to showcase, share and sell their work online. Creating a photography website is a very creative as well as technical process that needs to be loaded with some noteworthy features. Following are some noteworthy features of photography websites or photography portfolio websites:

•Style options: Customizing the website with different colours, colourful fonts, font sizes and background images to give the photography websites an alluring appearance.

•Homepage options: One can add slideshows, videos, sliding panels and welcome message or featured links to the home page of the websites. They can also choose to add them all.

•Try to be unique and elegant: This is one of the most important features of a photography portfolio website. Plan your website at first and then execute your ideas practically. Viewers check hundreds of websites. The one that is unique and elegant becomes the most attractive one.

•Try to be innovative: The plan should be done in such a way so that it gives a creative appearance to the website. Unlike other websites, the websites deal with innovative and thoughtful capturing and imaging moments.

•Blog page options: There may or may not be a sidebar. It is not mandatory to give a sidebar. It is totally the wish of the owner how he wants to design it. Full posts or excerpts must be chosen. It would be better to add a widget area at the bottom of the blog section.

•Custom CSS: The custom CSS panels in photography websites allow to customize any of the themes from the website and create something that is completely your own. Thus it gives the mobility to access the website independently without any hassles.

•Branding: One can feel free to upload his own logo, even create and upload his own brand designs and upload a custom background or pattern. It would be best if one can update it when required by the user readily without investing much time into it.

•Social media integration: It would be useful if the built in social media integration of the photography websites always directs these efforts back to the website itself or the hub or the main online presence. It must also provide huge number of options to share photos, posts and even galleries so that the owners are never at a loss for content for social media campaigns.

•Render and avail services at minimum cost: Viewers are generally attracted to websites which offer good services at reasonable rates. The owner must also keep in mind to maximize his own profit and thus can gain success in this field.

Pixpa lets you to create online portfolio website for photographers,artists and designers in order to let them showcase, share and sell their work online.

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