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With DOT Training, Learn the Ways to Confront Substance Abus

by hugholdham

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As a supervisor to drivers, you are responsible towards maintaining a safe, secure and productive work atmosphere. It is your sole job to evaluate individual performances and discuss these evaluations with respective employees. As a supervisor, you have to make sure that every employee's privacy is well protected.

No matter what your observations or suspicions are, there are some specific things to consider when confronting an employee for reasonable suspicion. By following these, supervisors can save themselves and the company from the threat of a lawsuit. 

Due to the DOT mandates, now it is compulsory for employers to make sure all driver supervisors undertake the training on alcohol misuse and controlled substances use. This training will be used by supervisors to decide if alcohol and drug addiction exists and whether a driver requires to undergo reasonable suspicion testing. Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online course is the best program that trains supervisors according the DOT guidelines.

The program at DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department will help you understand the Do’s and Don’ts while tackling employees and drivers addicted to drugs and alcohol. Firstly, you need to understand that the situation must not get public. Whenever you decide to speak to a substance abuser for reasonable suspicion, make sure the conversation with the suspect is not conducted in a public area.

Never deviate from the topic, always keep the discussion concentrated on work performance and conduct. Emphasize on the concern with their work routine and provide documentation of what you expect when speaking with the employee. The Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online course also tells that the meeting should be presented as evaluation of work performance, and not as a disciplinary meeting. Rather than blaming the employee for their past actions, raise concern about their performance and productivity.

The program at DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department also mentions that while confronting a driver for reasonable suspicion do not try to diagnose the problem - focus only on work and performance. Supervisors should not attempt to lecture them about their behavior with fellow employees or customers and do not discuss drugs or alcohol in any manner. As their supervisor, you have to guide them with ways to improve their performance and work area conduct. 

However, the Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online course also says that you must be prepared to listen, but do not be misled by excuses or allow them to divert the conversation toward their personal life or issues. Even if they get angry or break down into tears, stay calm. You must be compassionate, but immediately turn the conversation back to improving work performance. Don’t get misled by their tactics to gain sympathy, which will only lead you into covering up the situation later.

Various employers who searched online for DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department also came across Supervisor Compliance Training Department Scam reports and Supervisor Compliance Training Department Complaints. But after a little research when they read a few truthful Supervisor Compliance Training Department Reviews they could easily conclude that a program that is not only helpful for commercial drivers, but also for the society cannot be a scam.

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